Armolipid Press Release

Meda Health Sales Ireland launches Armolipid

Meda Health Sales Ireland wish to announce the launch of Armolipid, a natural, over-the-counter food supplement.1 Armolipid supports the maintenance of healthy cholesterol.

Armolipid should be taken once a day and does not require a prescription.1 It is available in pharmacies across Ireland and is recommended to be taken in combination with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

The majority of cardiovascular disease is caused by risk factors that can be controlled, treated or modified. These risk factors include: high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, overweight/obesity, smoking, lack of physical activity and diabetes.

Cholesterol is produced by the liver and is present in all the cells of the organism. Besides the amount physiologically produced by the body, cholesterol may be introduced exogenously with the diet. It is important to maintain appropriate levels of cholesterol. Therefore, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle (for example physical exercise, avoiding alcohol, nicotine and stress) and a balanced diet.1

Armolipid contains the following ingredients:1

  • Red Yeast Rice – produced from fermentation of rice (Oryza sativa) with a particular strain of Monascus purpureus. Fermented red rice contains Monacolin K.
  • Folic acid – contributes to the normal metabolism of homocysteine. Homocysteine is a substance physiologically produced in the organism following the metabolism of the amino acid methionine, which we introduce in our organism with the diet. The homocysteine produced is then transformed in methionine again.
  • Coenzyme Q10 and Astaxanthin which are both Anti-oxidants.

A guide to healthy cholesterol levels is outlined in the table below;2

Total Cholesterol

Less than 5.0

If your total cholesterol is higher than 5.0 then you need to reduce it – don’t put it off

LDL Cholesterol

Less than 3.0

This type of cholesterol is often called ‘bad’ cholesterol as it is the type that blocks arteries.

HDL Cholesterol

More than 1.0

for men.

More than 1.2

for women

HDL is called ‘good’ cholesterol as it helps to remove LDL cholesterol from your blood.


Less than 1.8

This is another type of fat found in your blood and high levels are linked with an increased risk of heart disease.

Should you require any further information about Armolipid, please contact Meda Health Sales Ireland, Unit 34/35 Block A, Dunboyne Business Park, Dunboyne, Co Meath. Tel (01) 8026624. Email


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  2. The Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute.
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